Our Computer Labs are artistically and ergonomically designed, where students get an opportunity to develop their skills according to the global needs and internationalstandards. ADITYA has high-end computing and network resources for the academicprograms. The students and staff have the necessary access to software tools and resources to learn computer related project skills. The institute strives to make learning more creative, interactive and information driven byusing sophisticated computer techniques.

The labs are set to create dedicated environment required for students of ADITYA. Internetand Intranet network facilities supported by high quality software based on curriculum andglobal requirements, along with latest operating systems, allowing the students not only to develop their cyber skills but also access the Internet for needed internal and externalcommunication with today?s world. ADITYA provides free access to Internet to itsstudents through 512 kbps connectivity and a 100 MBPS switched network is for provision of an interactive platform for sharing resources and community development. Equipments such as Laser, Dot Matrix Printers and Scanners are also being provided for necessary requirements to support the learning, curricular and project activities of our students.

Yandamuri Jaganatham Sarswati Memorial Educational Trust

Near Galigopuram Temple,Sanivarapu pet,Eluru - 534 007,W.G.Dt., AP

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Yandamuri Jaganatham Sarswati Memorial Educational Trust,
Near Galigopuram Temple,Sanivarapu pet,
Eluru - 534 007,
W.G.Dt., AP